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DHD-Lab is a full service design and development team geared to both kick start and help shepherd programs.  Clients range from first time inventors who lack product vision and established brands looking for breakout designs that grab market share to fortune 500 companies who need a fresh look for signature product or line clarity.

David has designed, developed and invented audio products that have been awarded both utility and design patents while enjoying margin rates well above industry standards. Many of these top selling items have been on the market for over a decade.

David has led teams to design massage and wellness products for Pollenex, Dr. Scholls, HoMedics, Brookstone, Panasonic, Body Essentials, Hammacher Schlemmer Kacelia and others. These range from personal small hand held devices to full sized massage chairs for consumer, pro-sumer and professional markets. Manufacturing teams were in the U.S., Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Korea as well as China.